Lawra gives the core business back to the lawyers.
Generate extra revenue
Get more customers without extra effort
Simplify your customer intake and save time Avg. 60 hours/month
Automate daily tasks and increase expert time
Generate extra revenue

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Lawra consists of main features that are designed to work seamlessly together. Yet, they can be used standalone according to your firm’s needs

What do we offer

Website Chatbot Assistant
Our smart chatbot will help clarify your client’s legal problem and throw light upon your working method.
ML Legal Search Engine
Get legal results automatically (both internal and external sources) based on your customer’s legal issue.
Intelligent Contract Bot
Let your customer interact with our intelligent contract bot. Lawra will automatically generate your contract, so you can focus on the review and lawyer-specific changes.

Website Chatbot Assistant

Our smart chatbot will help clarify your client’s legal problem and throw light upon your working method.

Intelligent Contract bot

Let your customer interact with our intelligent contract bot. Lawra will automatically generate your contract, so you can focus on the review and lawyer-specific changes.

1. Website Chatbot Assistant

For the customer
  • The chatbot asks your customer a few questions and clarifies his legal problem
  • Lawra highlights your expertise and describes your working method
  • Your customer can make an appointment right away with the lawyer specialized in his legal issue
For the law firm
  • Can be installed on your law firm’s website
  • Personalized according to your corporate identity
  • The lawyer specialized in the customer’s problem receives an e-mail with a memo

Website Interaction


Guide your customer to the right lawyer


Highlight your expertise


Calendar tool


2. Intelligent Contract Bot

For the customer
  • Answer Lawra’s straightforward questions at home from your sofa 24/7
  • Ask Lawra for explanation if a legal term is unclear
  • After the chat, the contract is being drafted
For the lawyer
  • Automate recurring contract questions
  • Receive the contract with all the customer’s input directly integrated
  • Safe time and money
The contract will be finished for 80%, enabling the lawyer to focus on work where he really adds value
Reinforce your own law firm’s agreements

Involve Your Customer


Explain Legal Clauses


Automatic Contract Outcome


Integrated Solution

Let’s see how Lawra makes these features work together

Integrated Solution

Let’s see how lawra makes these features together

A customer interacts with the personalized chatbot on your website.

When the customer has a legal issue, Lawra will send you a memo. Our smart algorithm provides you with relevant public and private sources allowing you to be prepared for a first meeting.

Use Lawra’s Intelligent Search Engine: annotate search results and save them under personalized tags.

Send a link to the contract bot and automate the conversation you would have regarding the contract. Review the agreement and done!.

We want to help lawyers to lead the change instead of enduring disruption.
A lot of legal tech start-ups try to disrupt the legal industry and sideline lawyers.

In our opinion, answers from a virtual lawyer or contracts that can be generated automatically without professional review are not the way to go. Our intention is not to replace lawyers, nor to make your client relations impersonal or cut all human contact.

At Lawra, we use technology to help lawyers use their expertise efficiently and be as customer friendly as possible. We believe a combined digital and human approach is the future for the legal industry.

Ready to be part of the future?

Lawra’s Team

Dries Wijnen

Dries Wijnen

  • Master in Law (IP/ICT, KU Leuven, 2016)
  • Multiple internships at different law firms
  • Master in General Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Vlerick Business School, 2017)
Dominic Wijnen

Dominic Wijnen

  • Seasoned entrepreneur
  • New technology adept
  • Followed MooCs at HEC Paris, Rotterdam School of Management and Virginia Darden Business School
Yannick Dillen

Yannick Dillen

  • Lecturer at Vlerick Business School.
  • Experience in the scaling of companies.
Thomas Daniels

Thomas Daniels

  • Blockchain evangelist
  • Marketing specialist
Koenraad Verherstraeten

Koenraad Verherstraeten

  • Master in Law, K.U. Leuven
Margot Timmers

Margot Timmers

  • Student Master in Law, K.U. Leuven
Arkadi De Proft

Arkadi De Proft

  • Student Master in Law, K.U. Leuven
Tim Arts

Tim Arts

  • ManaMa IP/ICT Law, K.U. Leuven


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